Business Law

At Exordium, we provide expert support and advice to our clients through all stages of corporate growth. We oversee ongoing legal challenges and assist our clients in understanding the ever-changing business environments in which they operate.

Our business practice negotiates and structures all types of commercial agreements to serve your business needs and to properly protect your interests. The agreements and arrangements that we negotiate and prepare are as varied and diverse as our clients and their industries. Our Team works closely with internal and external partners as required, drawing on their skills and experience in the areas of corporate formations, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, employment, intellectual property, data privacy, and commercial real estate, to ensure our clients have the utmost protection.


  • Corporate Formations including entity selection, operating agreement drafting and review, and state and local filings
  • Contract review, negotiation, and drafting
  • Employment 
  • Purchases and sales of businesses (M&A)
  • Intellectual property including trademark and copyright registration, licensing, and transfer
  • Data privacy policy development
  • Civil Litigation
  • Fractional General Counsel

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