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Dr. Hilary Pentz is a licensed physical therapist in the State of Washington. Unlike many physical therapists, Hilary evaluates the body as a whole to identify the root cause of a patient’s problem. By way of example, neck pain might be caused by the jaw, or low back pain may result of mid-back or neck tension. Hilary has honed her holistic understanding of the body and its interconnections by treating thousands of patients during her 15+ years in practice.  Hilary’s unique approach provides each patient with a customized treatment plan that may include, where appropriate and among other elements, exercises, manual therapy, pelvic floor internal work, biofeedback, and cupping. Hilary earned her doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington in 2009, completed her residency in manual therapy at the Ola Grimsby Institute in 2010, and completed her fellowship in manual therapy at the Ola Grimsby Institute in 2011. She started treating pelvic floor issues in 2013, and earned her national board certification in orthopedics in 2016.Hilary spent the first nine years of her career as an outpatient physical therapist, focusing on treating backs, necks, shoulders, hips, and knees. She then spent five years at the University of Washington teaching classes on pre- and post-natal care, performing pelvic floor therapy, and seeing patients in the sports therapy department.