Dr. Hilary Pentz

I grew up in the Seattle area and decided to become a physical therapist as a teenager while volunteering at a summer camp for children with physical disabilities. I headed to the East Coast for my undergraduate degree at Tufts University, and then returned to the University of Washington for my doctoral program in physical therapy. I fell in love with outpatient orthopedics and then later felt complete in my training after incorporating pelvic floor therapy into my practice. 

I have personally suffered from various back and pelvic floor injuries and, like many of my patients, felt uncomfortable discussing these issues with my healthcare providers. These injuries have made me a better physical therapist because I understand the patient’s experience and vulnerability. I love empowering patients with information that can help them manage their pain, as opposed to always having to rely on me or another practitioner to help. I strive to create a therapeutic space where patients feel comfortable talking about all of their symptoms so we can work together to determine how their symptoms are interconnected. My favorite part of my practice is when I “decode” or unlock the original causes of a patient’s symptoms and we both have that “ah-ha” moment of why they got where they are and how they can prevent an issue from reoccurring in the future.  

I loved growing up in the Seattle area and continue to enjoy all our region has to offer. When not practicing physical therapy, I am chasing my kids around, coaching T-Ball, gardening, playing board games with my partner, making homemade ice cream, skiing in the winter, and waterskiing and kite surfing in the summer. 

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